How to make Cosplay Wigs Last Longer?

Cosplay wigs are designed to last you 2-4 years on average when used with care. Please do not confuse Halloween wigs with cosplay wigs as synthetic wigs bought from novelty store are inexpensive and meant only for Halloween costume. On the other hand cosplay wigs are high quality, made from heat resistant synthetic fiber that can last you a couple of years if used with care. There are few tricks and tips which can help extend the life of your cosplay wig that we are sharing below.

Demon Slayer Cosplay Wigs

Cosplay is not just a hobby, it’s a profession for many. It holds significant importance in life of professional cosplayers. Cosplay wigs is an investment as an average cosplay wig costs $30-$50. Using cosplay wig mindlessly will leave it tangled and rugged.


How to Extend the Life of Cosplay Wigs

Unpack wigs carefully. The basic goal is to reduce friction as much as possible. Cosplay wigs that are not secured on your head slide up and down that may cause breakage not only in your wig but also to your natural hair. A loose wig may lead to permanent hair thinning at front.


  1. Measure your Head

Cosplay wigs are usually one size fits all. The average circumference of the head is about 21-22 inch. If your head is larger, you might find it difficult to wear store-bought wigs.


  1. Wear Wig Cap Underneath

Although wearing a wig cap is a personal preference, wearing one underneath your wig reduces friction between wig and your natural hair. Wear a fish net wig cap or a pantyhose wig cap if you find fish net tighter and suffocating.


  1. Secure with Bobby Pins

It is important you keep your wig fixed. If it is loose it will keep moving which may lead to friction and leave the fibers tangled. The rugged texture will shorten the life span of your cosplay wigs. Therefore, we suggest you secure your wig in place using bobby pins at edges. This process is easier if you wear a wig cap underneath cosplay wigs since a cap facilitates piercing bobby pins through it while securing the wig.


  1. Shake your Head

Shake your head and jump to check if your wig has been secured firmly. If it moves, you need to repeat step 3 with more attention.


  1. Only use Products meant for Synthetic Wigs

It is advisable to use as less styling products as possible because every time you use a styling glue, gel or wax you reduce the life. The fibers can’t take the trauma from styling tools for long and as a result they will begin melting leaving your wig rugged and dishevelled. If you must, use styling products meant for synthetic cosplay wigs only.


Which cosplay wig has last you the longest and how did you take care of it?


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