Anime Wigs & Costume FAQ

  • 5 Cosplay Myths Debunked

    When it comes to cosplay, there are many preconceptions about this hobby. Some may think it as a vice, or some may think it is just another way to gain attention. However, cosplay is actually just dressing up as a favorite character, and it is something fans of movies, comics, anime, cartoons and games do for fun, whether they like the character, or just liking the costume design.


    At the same time, there are a few popular myths surrounding this hobby, so now’s the time to bust those myths and give you the truth about cosplay.

  • How to make Cosplay Wigs Last Longer?

    How to Extend the Life of Cosplay Wigs?Unpack wigs carefully. The basic goal is to reduce friction as much as possible. Cosplay wigs that are not secured on your head slide up and down that may cause breakage not only in your wig but also to your natural hair. A loose wig may lead to permanent hair thinning at front.