Anime Wigs & Costume FAQ

  • How to make Cosplay Wigs Last Longer?

    Cosplay wigs are designed to last you 2-4 years on average when used with care. Please do not confuse Halloween wigs with cosplay wigs as synthetic...
  • Can I Catch COVID-19 from an Imported Package?

    COVID-19 is a respiratory tract illness that spreads through aerosol contact. Airborne droplets carry the virus from an infected person and remain...
  • Care & Maintenance of Cosplay Wigs

    Keeping cosplay wigs as new is possible if you use them with care. Store cosplay wig in original packaging, use min. styling products & refresh your synthetic wigs only using tools meant for synthetic fibers.
  • 4 Mistakes Cosplayers do when washing Cosplay Costumes

    Cosplay costumes are expensive whether bought from store or sewn at home from scratch. A well maintained cosplay costume catches attention despite being inexpensive. Follow these 4 maintenance tip to prevent your cosplay costumes from stinking bad!