Are you keen to share your review/ experience/ opinion/ makeup tutorial in Tumblr/ Blogspot/ Wordpress/ Instagram/ Youtube and any other social medias? If yes, we want you! 



  1. You have certain number of followers. We will let you know when you write to us.

  2. You produced high resolution photos/ videos.

  3. You have Paypal account to receive payments.

  4. You must provide us the link after done.


Terms & Condition

  1. We have limited seats per month and invitation will be sent to those invited bloggers only.

  2. We reserve the rights to reject any reviews which we deemed with low quality photos/ videos.

Hurry up! We have limited seats every month! Please provide us more information about you in the email, such as below, that will help to make us made the decision faster!

  1. Links that you have done the review previously.

  2. The country majority of your audience came from.

  3. Links of your social medias, put indicate which is your main.

  4. Products you are interested or send us any proposal.