Anyone can join this program! If you own a blog, a YouTube channel, a Deviant Art account, Instagram etc. - you are welcome to join us. Get the message conveyed by any means possible & enjoy the pleasure of side earnings. We recommend influential bloggers/customers to join us as a proud affiliate member. The mutual cooperation brings tides of mutual benefits. Through this program, you will enjoy the below benefits.

  1. We will pay 10% referral commission of the total sales early every month, when you reached $10 in total.
  2. We can track the sales via referral link, coupon code or referral code. You can share whichever form is convenient to you, and they are all customize-able.
  3. You can track your sales anytime anywhere as it's available in mobile app now. Soon you will hear "ka-ching" sound as Push Notifications will be available in the near future.
  4. We also allow connecting customer to you, such that all future purchases made by the customer are attributed you. After this is enabled, a new tab will appear in the affiliate page.
  5. A 10% discount code will be generated for your followers, even if they are referred by your referral link, the discount code will be applied automatically at checkout.
  6. So lets say you have 10 affiliates and each of these 10 recruit 10 affiliates under them. The total number of affiliates in your network becomes 100. Here is the good part, you only spent time/energy on recruiting the first 10, the rest 90 were brought to you by your affiliates. When properly set, this becomes a really powerful tool.
  7. If you are registered within our network, such as animee-cosplay.com, lensupermart.com, uniqso.com and etc, you can view all of them under same login.


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How to setup affiliate in your mobile app?

1. Download the app from Google Play Store or IOS STORE
Google Play
GoAffPro - Affiliate Marketing google playstore QR
GoAffPro - Affiliate Marketing ios qr code
2. Login if you already have an affiliate account. Else, create a new account.-
3. When prompted enter the following STORE ID 44755 (or scan the QR code)GoAffPro - Affiliate Marketing