Care & Maintenance of Cosplay Wigs

Synthetic cosplay wigs help you escape from a bad hair day. Not only they are a must-have item in every cosplayer’s life but they also make a great addition in your closet if you are into frequently donning a new hairstyle. Maintaining synthetic cosplay wigs is much easier and cost-effective than having to care for a human hair unit. You are already aware of the fact that synthetic cosplay wigs are made from fibers that keep the memory and bounce even after being washed hence less time is required to style them. Below are some handy tips that will help you to take care cosplay wig & last your wigs the longest.  


An average cosplay wig is meant to last you 2-4 years if proper maintenance is followed. Rinsing wigs too often should be avoided but must not be completely neglected. When wig is wet it should be laid flat to prevent the unit from hanging down whereas storing dry wigs should come easy. Either display them on a mannequin head or on a wig stand. You can also coil the longer wig back into its wig cap and secure it in the netting provided by the manufacturer. Store your wigs in large storage bins wrapped in the Ziploc bags to prevent direct moisture & light. Keep a few moth balls to prevent pesky pests from invading your cosplay wigs.

When Less is More

Synthetic cosplay wigs stay new longer when you use as less styling products as possible. Hair gel, wax or glue accumulate over time & make your wig stinks. Remember, every time you wash your wig you reduce its life. Always wear a wig cap underneath to keep your wig absorbing natural oils from scalp. This minimizes the number of times your wig needs a rinse. Also, only use products meant for synthetic hair otherwise cosplay wigs that are not human hair will gradually lose their shine & originality.

Travel with Care

Cosplayers often travel far & wide for photo shoots, comic conventions & cosplay events. Be sure you pack your cosplay wigs in sturdy containers properly wrapped. Accidental jerks & rocky rides could mashup your wigs if they are kept loose in the containers. This way your several different wigs could end up in a junk mess from which removing tangles will be no less than trying to save someone fall from a cliff.


Even if your wig claims to be 100% heat resistant, always patch test. All heating appliances vary in temperature and you may accidentally end up melting the synthetic fibers. Testing under the nape is recommended. Heat resistant cosplay wig nicely accepts dyes in case you plan to change the color of your wig. Furthermore, you can safely curl or iron your wig straight if the patch test goes successful.

With proper maintenance and care you can make your cosplay wigs last you even longer than what is typically expected from a synthetic unit. Do not buy cosplay wigs from a thrift store, novelty shop or from a Halloween store unless you are really into buying a single use product. Our anime cosplay wigs are made to perfection with original details. We understand buying a cosplay wig is an investment hence we motivate our customers to make the best of the wigs by using with care!