Demon Slayer Costumes

Buy high quality yet inexpensive “Demon Slayer” cosplay costumes & accessories. Hitting new records of fame worldwide, Demon Slayer fandom soars exponentially. Buy one of your favorite Demon Slayer costumes, made from uniform fabric that resists wrinkles, puckering and fuzz balls. From Kanroji to Shinobou, Tanjiro, Iguro Obanai and Nezuko we stock everything Demon Slayer. The Kimono style cosplay costumes are an epitome of class & luxury. All sizes available from S to XXL.

Demon Slayer cosplay contacts & wigs also available at our partner site Uniqso.

Care of Cosplay Costumes

  1. Hand wash cosplay costumes unless mentioned otherwise
  2. Prefer “spot-cleaning” if the costume is stained rather than washing the whole cosplay costume
  3. Hang or fold in air tight storage bins with moth balls