Spider Man Noir Costumes

Looking for mysterious costumes to be worn? Why not try the Spider Man Noir costumes? It’s perfect for Halloween or even cosplay event.

With a bit of a twist from the usual witty Peter Parker, this fictional character of Spider-Man Noir brings the classic mysterious feel during the Great Depression era.

The all-black suit was created by Peter Parker to battle against shady criminals and crime gangs in stealth. Peter Parker completed the Spider-Man Noir’s look using parts of his Uncle Ben’s World War Iairman uniform.

The full costume set is inclusive of a shirt, a vest, a pair of pants, a belt, a mask, a pair of gloves, a holster and a pair of boots, all in hard black color.

The outfit is made from a combination of faux leather, uniform cloth and spandex materials. The black leather vest is perfected with an embossed spider-shape design on its back.

As this is a custom made products, the correct measurement of each item is needed. Once the order is placed, there will be no cancellation accepted.