Top 10 Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adults

Top 10 Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adults

It’s never too early to start scouting for that perfect Halloween costume to make into the “Best Dressed” list this year. We have specially curated these Top 10 Halloween Costumes you can get them to customize to your size at our one-stop



  1. Joker The Joker Arthur Fleck

“All I have are negative thoughts.” Although Arthur Fleck thinks that nobody ever notices him, this Joker costume will definitely make everyone notices you the moment you do that famous Joker fake laugh. The costume is a 4-piece suit comprising of coat, vest, shirt and pants made from soft woolen fabric, uniform cloth, satin, TC cotton and leather. The set also comes with accessories such as gloves, corsage, tie, red nose, and wig.  Shot your audience that deep stare of Joaquin Phoenix in this Sweety K Angel Grey colored contact lenses, plus the pathetic clown makeup to complete the look.



  1. Deadpool – Wade Wilson

Prefer an antiheroic persona, bring Ryan Reynold's portrayal of Wade Wilson as Deadpool to live with this custom-made leather costume that comes complete with jumpsuit, mask, gloves, belts, knife cover, leg bands, holster, leggings, and boots. So get ready your badass, smart ass, great ass!



  1. IT Chapter Two IT Pennywise the Dancing Clown

“I’m Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. Aren’t you going to say hello?” No one will want to take the balloon from you in this iconic clown suit that comes with it’s very own dancing shoes, definitely a wise choice for your Halloween party that’s worth your every penny. Top the spine-chilling chart with Sweety Crazy Lens in Yellow and you’re ready to make your kill.



  1. Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire Night King

Hardcore fan will rejoice with this full-fledge costume of the Night King from Game of Thrones. A master of the White Walkers and the supreme leader of the Army of the Dead, the Night King is pure ice and cold. Make everyone freezes with your Night King’s appearance at the Halloween Party. Luckily, you don’t have to fight Jon Snow in this one. The costume is made from leather, spandex and twill cloth, and comes with a coat, inner top, pants, waistband, belt, arm guard, bracers, leggings, masks and boots. Pair this costume with Sweety Crazy Lens Game of Thrones – White Walker (UV) for amazing resemblance.



  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

No Halloween party is complete without the skeleton. The classic Jack Skellington character is your best choice with the iconic skeleton in black pin-striped suit and a black bat look-alike bow tie. Time to practice your singing and dancing moves and serenade the ladies in this piece that comes with coat, pants and tie.  Our Sweety Black Sclera Len in Blackout is the perfect match for your skeleton makeup.


  1. The Nun Valak Demon Nun

You can’t go wrong with the demonic nun, can you? It goes without saying that this is one of the most disturbing characters in horror movies. Be fore warned not to scare yourself with the full costumes that comes in a set of dress, headwear, scarf, detachable collar and belt. Wander around the party with this costume and a pair of Halloween Crazy Lens Mad Hatter to scare the living souls out of the others.



  1. Maleficent Angelina Jolie

One might have grown some fondness out of Maleficent after watching Angelina’s portrayal of the mistress of evil, who turns out to have a kind heart after all. Don this Maleficent costume in full glory and overshadow all the beauties in the room as the fairy godmother of Aurora. We love the Sweety Crazy Lens – Green Werewolf to bring out the glint in Maleficent’s mesmerizing eyes.  



  1. Batman Suicide Squad Task Force X – Harley Quinn

Everybody adores the slightly insane Harley Quinn. Show off your long and slender legs in this rendition of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and you don’t ever have to lift your baseball bat for a drink at the party. So guys, you’ve been forewarned. The full set comes with underwear, briefs, coat, two wristbands, a necklace, one pair of gloves, waistband, strap, and black stockings. Replicate Margot Robbie’s look with this pair of Sweety K Angel Grey and you’re all set to lead the squad.



  1. Child's Play - Buddi

So you’re more of a techie? Sing along with Buddi, the high tech doll from Child’s Play in this rather innocent looking Buddi suit. Top and bib pants, how much more adorable can you get? If you’re single, perhaps, you might just meet your life-long companion at the Halloween party. Zombie blue colored contact lenses seem like just the perfect fit for “Chucky” who would become 13-year-old Andy’s murderous Buddi doll.



  1. Annabelle

We are not done with dolls yet it seems. No further explanation is needed as to why Annabelle make into the Top 10 list. Who would forget this famous possessed doll in Warren Museum? Smudge the dress that comes complete with belt and mask, and you’re ready to make your grand entrance to the Halloween party and have Ed and Lorraine Warren roll over in their graves. Complete your look with Sclera Lens in Nebulos.




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