A Birthday Gift for Her - Choosing the Best Wig

When it comes to gift ideas for a girl, especially on birthday, you may feel like you are facing a horde of zombies and not knowing what to do. If your favorite female is one of these types (check out our list below) or have similar hobbies, you might want to think about buying her a wig that would suit her appetite.

Table of Content

        a. Sexy & Mature 

        b. Petite & Cute
        c. Cute
        d. Historical / Fantasy
        e. Traditional
         a. Gothic
         b. Sweet
         c. Classic

The Fashionista

The fashionista girl loves looking trendy and fashionable. However, there are only so many things you can do to your own hair. The next best thing would be owning a lot of different types of wigs to match with different clothes and styles. Instead of always coloring and damaging natural hair, using wigs is the fastest way to change the game. You can give her a wig that has a hard-to-dye color such as a silver ombre wig, or a long blonde ombre wig. If she isn’t into bright colored hair, then you can gift her with something more natural. Or maybe she might like to shake things up by sporting something short and cute.

If you are not sure what kind of fashion style to go for, there are two ways to go about buying her a nice wig. Firstly, you can look at what the celebrities are wearing and spot the latest trends. Celebrities actually wear wigs pretty often so that they can stay trendy without damaging their natural hair. Secondly, you need to figure out her fashion style. Keep an eye on what kind of clothing she likes to wear; is it casual, girly, streetwear, or conservative. By doing that, you can gauge on what kind of wigs she might like to wear.

The Gamer Girl

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for your favorite gamer or streamer girl, there are a few awesome wigs to choose from. If she is a huge fan of League of Legends, there is a plethora of LOL wigs to choose from, whether it is Seraphine, Ahri, or Kaisa. Not a MOBA player? Then maybe she will like something from the Final Fantasy series, or the latest popular ARPG game - Genshin Impact. If you’re feeling generous, you can even buy her an anime costume and a wig set! If she isn’t into cosplaying, then just wearing the wig paired with casual streetwear will look pretty good especially on streams.

The Cosplay Lover

The cosplayer is the easiest to buy a gift of wigs for; the only thing you need to pay attention to is what are her favorite characters, and what kind of cosplays she usually likes to do. There are so many types of genre to cosplay as, from movies to anime, TV series to games; it only depends on which fandom she follows, this will be perfect when you pair with a pair of anime cosplay contact lenses!

The most popular style of cosplay is of anime characters. There are many types to choose from, whether it is a sexy, cute, historical, or fantasy character - the list never ends!   

a. Birthday Gift for Her - Sexy & Mature 

If she is into sexy and mature characters, you can try to get her a wig for example

Our online store Animee-Cosplay stocks a huge collection of cosplay costumes and accessories at affordable price tags.

b. Birthday Gift for Her- Petite & Cute

Is she into cute characters? In the anime genre, there are a lot of cute characters, and they don’t have to be short little girls. However, if she is petite and cute, she might be interested in characters like 

c. Birthday Gift for Her- Cute

Not petite but still want to be cute? There is always someone suitable in the Touhou Project or Love Live series.

d. Birthday Gift for Her- Historical / Fantasy

There are also elegant anime characters to cosplay as, be it historical costumes or fantasy. Characters such as Violet Evergarden and Raphtalia from Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari bring medieval and steampunk fantasy to life. This would be the best chance to dress as something out of the norm, since wearing medieval clothes everyday would attract lots of strange gazes.

e. Birthday Gift for Her- Traditional

If she likes traditional style costumes, then she might like to cosplay characters from Gintama such as Kagura and Sarutobi Ayame. Whatever it is, just know that in every cosplay, the wig plays a huge role in the entire outlook, so buying her that wig she likes would make her a happy bunny.

The Party Animal

Nothing makes her happier than getting all dolled up, dressed to kill and hanging out with friends. Being the extrovert she is, standing out makes her happy. So, having brightly colored hair is one of the ways to bring out her bright personality. However, as mentioned earlier, chemically dying the hair often will damage it, so the next best thing is hoarding wigs of different color, length, and style, as a birthday gift for her!

Just like the saying that ‘blondes have the most fun’, she might like to dress it up with a long blonde wig. Or maybe spice up a blonde wig even more with some rainbow colors. If pink is her thing, then she will look cute no matter if it is a cute twin tail wig. Or something a little more catchy like a mixed colored pastel wig.    

Whichever you choose, do keep in mind that The Party Animal would like to stand out most, but at the same time, you need to be mindful of her favorite colors, dressing style and how far she is willing to go to catch the limelight. Not every party animal would choose garishly colored hair colors.  

The Lolita

If you’re buying a wig as a gift for someone who loves Lolita fashion, you would be spoiled for choice. There are so many to choose from; whether your girl is a gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita, or classic Lolita, there is something for her. To tell the difference so you are able to choose the right kind of Lolita wig as a birthday gift for her, you just need to understand what each type is like.

a. Gothic Lolita

In a general sense, gothic lolis sport mysterious, dark and vampiric features that usually includes red, black, navy, purple, and white color palette. Usually, the wigs used in gothic loli fashion tend to be of the same kind of hue, for example maybe a silver braided twin tail, dark purple side ponytail, or just wavy purplish long hair.

b. Sweet & Classic

As for sweet and classic Lolita styles, they are both similar as the wigs used in both are natural and light colored. However, sweet lolis tend to go for a lot of soft pastel colors, so blonde wigs and pastel wigs are quite popular.

c. Classic

As for classic a Lolita, since the style focuses on being matured and elegant with many Victorian features, wigs used for this style are usually natural, whether browns, blondes, or redheads.


There you have it! Our carefully thought through and curated wigs ideas as a unique birthday gift for the girl of your dream. Why not take your couples game up another notch by getting matching costumes too? We also have over 100 collections of Avengers and other superheroes or supervillains jumpsuits, and many more for you to choose to your heart’s desire. It’s time to bring your fantasy to live!

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