How to Buy Cosplay Costumes on a Budget?

Cosplay is more than just a hobby. It’s a serious business where cosplayers are passionate to reach any limits just to make their dream cosplay costume come to life. Cosplay costumes don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg always but usually an average cosplay costume whether it’s a DIY project or a store bought costs about $500-$600 on average. To get cosplay costumes on a budget, continue reading below.


Cosplay community consists of fun loving people who are often called “nerds” or “geek”. They are the consumers of pop culture i.e. video games, anime, TV & movies, comics etc. To them, cosplay is a serious thing that require passion, energy, money, time & ability to recreate their favorite cosplay character. Although we see amateur cosplayers that are just rising, we are very familiar with cosplayers who seem to make a luxurious living by taking cosplay as a profession.

Buying cosplay costumes online save you from the hassle of creating one from scratch. Bespoke Cosplay costumes, tailored to your measurements yield exotic results. Replicating a cosplay costume is no less than an achievement.

Perform with confidence at a convention, make new cosplay friends & extend your cosplay circle wearing cosplay costumes that are just the right fit on your budget and body.


Paying tribute to your favorite anime character, requires elaborate details including the intricate cosplay costumes. True; the more you spend on a costume, the better it gets. However, AnimeeCosplay works on a price beating policy, ensuring you get the right cosplay costumes and that too without breaking the bank.


Cosplay accessories include weapons, armory & other minor details such as fangs, mask, horns etc. Makeshift cosplay costume accessories are great to save money. In the absence of the required ability, you can buy accessories from a thrift store or better visit a dollar tree.

Cosplayers’ time rotate around planning cosplay conventions and events. Each costume they prepare is a work of artisanship & creativity, they love to share with fellow geeks. However, most of the costumes are not worn more than once. At AnimeeCosplay, costumes are sold at a fair price yet the quality of the fabric is impeccable with fine stitching. Looking forward to become a professional cosplayer? Choose pocket friendly cosplay costumes and grow your network to help yourself recognized before the pop culture community.

Another way to buy cosplay costumes on budget is pay via installment. Now you can buy now and pay in 6 weeks. Find out more about Sezzle.  

Stray Dogs-Dazai Osamu-anime costume-Animee Cosplay
Vocaloid-Snow Miku-anime costume-Animee Cosplay
VOCALOID4-Kagamine Len-anime costume-Animee Cosplay