8 Awesome Plus Size Cosplay Ideas For Him & Her

From wearyourvoicemag.com featuring Rhapsody Artajo as Ursula.

When it comes to cosplay, you can practically dress as any character you like, regardless how you and the character differs in look, size and colour. There is nothing wrong with cosplaying a skinny character when you are voluptuous, same like there is nothing wrong with cosplaying a male character even if you are a girl. However, there may be some of you who prefer to cosplay characters as close to the original as possible, and that includes plus sized characters. So here are some plus size cosplay ideas, whether you are a guy or a girl.

1. Ursula (Little Mermaid)

The villain in Disney’s Little Mermaid. This is a favourite cosplay of many plus sized women as it is sexy, tasteful and fun to cosplay. The character of a villainess is not easy to portray but if you practice and get it right, you will look great! For Ursula, you would need a black bustier costume like a mermaid dress with tentacles, body paint, short white wig with a lot of hairspray, and loads of thick makeup. The trick to this cosplay is the makeup, making sure there is a good cinch at the waist and a villainess smirk. You can also simplify the costume by wearing an appropriate black bustier mermaid dress for a modern twist to the character. 

2. Princess Fiona (Shrek)

If you don’t want to go grey, you can go green! Princess Fiona from Dreamworks Animation’s Shrek is green, royalty and is a voluptuous female ogre. If you are not into cosplaying dainty, sweet princesses, then Princess Fiona in her ogre form might be more to your taste. She is a martial artist in a European-styled princess dress, wearing flat green shoes, so it is a pretty comfortable ensemble. Just don’t forget her red braids, green contact lens, her cute little ears and the tiara, if you want to be detailed about the cosplay. 

If you’re not so keen to wear her princess outfit, there is also the battle costume version, paired with a huge two-sided battle axe. In this version, Princess Fiona wears a leather top, a kilt and leather boots, and sporting a huge attitude.

Princess Fiona by Sweets4aSweet

3. Sadness (Inside Out)

Don’t like green or grey? There is also blue! Sadness from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out is a pretty simple character you can cosplay; all you need is an oversized sweater and jeans! Of course, to make the character recognisable to others, you would need to get a blue wig, blue lenses, black rimmed glasses and some blue paint. However, you can skip the blue paint if you find body painting too much of a mess.

Sadness always looks sad and gloomy, so to get into the character, you just need to show your saddest face. Perfect for those who don’t like to get face cramps from all the smiling.  

Sadness from Inside Out, Disney/Pixar

4. Mei (Overwatch)

It isn’t very often where you get female game characters that are on the voluptuous side, but here we have Mei, a playable character in Overwatch that uses an Endothermic Blaster. If you plan to cosplay this character, there are quite a few styles to choose from. You can cosplay as the original skin with her furry boots and furry cheongsam-inspired jacket. Or if you prefer to be more casual, there is Mei in her pajamas and furry bedroom slippers. Since this is a game character, there are also other skins for different occasions such as the famous Halloween jiangshi costume, or the cute sexy Honeydew costume. There are so many types to choose from that you will definitely be spoiled for choice. 

Meifrom Overwatch bySukairi Photo by James Bissett Photography

5. Mario (Super Mario)

Whether you are a girl or a guy, you can always cosplay as Mario! Yes, you heard that right! Maria is one of the best plus size cosplay ideas! There are many female cosplayers who like to cross play as Mario, or even modify the Mario character into a female version of him sans the mustache. As the original Mario is also plus sized, anyone who is plus sized can comfortably cosplay him without being worried about looking different from the original character. You can even arrange a couple cosplay with someone cosplaying as Luigi if you feel lonely cosplaying alone. 

Mario, SuperMario by Nintendo

6. Ralph (Wreck-It-Ralph)

Here’s a cool cosplay for strong, large sized guys; Ralph from Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph animation. It is a relatively easy cosplay to do as you can even dig out your old tees and dungarees for this if you plan to recycle your old stuff. With a little bit of makeup and a whole lot of gel, you can already cosplay this character comfortably. On top of that, this character would be perfect for dads with a dad-bod who want to cosplay as a pair with their daughter as Vanellope!

Ralph from Wreck-It-Ralph, Disney

7. Alvida (One Piece)

Looking for a fun villainess female cosplay that is plus size? The pirate captain Alvida from One Piece is one of the best anime plus size cosplay ideas. Before eating the Devil Fruit, she is big, tall, sporting freckles and black wavy hair, and is really strong armed with a pistol and an iron mace. She sees herself as the most beautiful lady in all the seas, and is your typical iron-fisted villainess. Her costume is a mish mash of stuff like a pink plaid shirt, red handkerchief on her neck, purple sash with jewels, a pirate jacket, white pirate hat with a feather and lots of rings. Cosplaying her can be a challenge as she isn’t what you would deem as beautiful, but instead, she would be amusing.  

Alvida from One Piece

8. Kae Serinuma (Kiss Him, Not Me)

Too lazy for a complicated cosplay but still looking for a plus size character? There is always schoolgirl Serinuma who is a fujoshi who likes to ship all her male school mates together. Her cosplay costume is basically a typical school girl uniform with a blazer and ribbon. Serinuma usually ties her purple hair into 2 low ponytails, wears nerdy round glasses, and always has a hilarious drooling expression. A really fun character to cosplay; all you need to do is bring out her fujoshi expressions when you’re portraying her. Props? Just your mobile phone. 

Kae Serinuma from Kiss Me, NotHim, Episode 1

Cosplaying is all about fun and creativity. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your best foot (costume) forward and enjoy the process. Need more cosplay ideas? Browse our huge collections of costumes, wigs and more. 

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