4 Mistakes Cosplayers do when washing Cosplay Costumes

It is important to understand the fabric of your cosplay costumes in order to take complete care of them. Usually cosplay costumes are made of “uniform fabric” which is a blend of polyester and cotton. Uniform fabric is mass produced hence it is cheaper, durable and easier to maintain than other high end types of fabrics. Please don’t get the name “uniform cloth” confusing with the type of fabric out of which actual uniforms such as military etc are manufactured. Chinese marketers use the term “uniform cloth” where the type of the fabric seems to vary from low quality to high quality depending on the no. of blends.


We understand cosplay costumes are often heavy with weird combinations of armory and countless layers. However, it does not mean you embrace the stink and roam around with smelly costumes. Cosplay convention centers accommodate hundreds of con artists and imagine what it would smell like if you skip cleaning your costumes.

If you are afraid that washing will damage your cosplay costumes, at least try to deodorize it. It is very important to clean the parts that were in touch with one’s sweaty body parts such as pits, groin, crotch and cleavage.

To disinfect make a solution of vodka and purified water. Spray it on the nasty areas of your cosplay costumes. Dab softly with a clean wash cloth. This method works great on armory.


Machine washing cosplay costumes is least recommended. Since throwing your cosplay costumes can deteriorate hand-embellished details and weaken the fabric, it is usually suggested to hand wash the costumes. Never machine wash your outfits unless it says so on the label. Make sure you turn inside out. If the fabric feels like polyester and has no intricate details then it can be safely tossed into the washer. On the other hand, if it is more of a cotton blend then do add vinegar to prevent bleeding. Avoid using hot water.


Some fabrics are prone to developing water stains. Most of the cosplayers commit the crime of washing their cosplay costumes without patch testing which will leave them with wrinkled, fuzzy, stained or faded costume. The best hidden part to patch test is inside hem of your pant leg.


Fabreeze is not going to kill the stubborn odors. No matter how much you spray it on stinky cosplay costumes, they will still smell bad if not deodorized/disinfected or rinsed properly.

For cosplay costumes whether made from scratch or bought from store; it is essential to wash, dry and store appropriately. Costumes that smell bad attract bacteria and moths which can spoil the garments. Keep them in airy storage bins or hang them dry on the racks. A lit costume does not necessarily have to be expensive. Indeed it is a well-maintained cosplay costume that catches attention despite being inexpensive.

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